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Originally posted by Alicewave
Crypto is a whole other story. Regular fecals don't test for it. Most vets charge around $100 american for a crypto test. I never bother with that unless there are signs of crypto.
Alicewave, that is very interesting to read. My herp vet is somewhat underexperienced but I have had good service from them anyway and I keep bringing them herps to practice on. They're my only option in this small town. I have a rescued corn snake displaying symptoms of cypto (regurgitating on a semi-regular basis for a year, very skinny) and I have had 2 clean fecals for her. I have been saving up the $$ for a gastric lavage and they are estimating a price of $30 for the service, I was hoping they could ID crypto from that? Any further comments on the crypto test you were referring to?

<p>Panacur is also available at most seed&feed stores, sold in large tubes for horses. My doseage guides quote 50mg/kg. <a href="" target="_new">Here's a good article on doseage.</a></p>
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